Walking on Perry Silvio Russo

ISBN: 9781477513613

Published: March 8th 2013


166 pages


Walking on  by  Perry Silvio Russo

Walking on by Perry Silvio Russo
March 8th 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 166 pages | ISBN: 9781477513613 | 9.22 Mb

WALKING ON, first in series - Why Attitude, Servitude, and Gratitude Trump Everything Else in Life. Perrys motivating style spearheads his principles of the Living Barometer and Power Phrase - a pathway to reshape your destiny and true purpose. Throughout the book the Living Barometer serves as a Go-to-Guide for facing the stubborn self-will of the soul. Its full of workable exercises, illustrations, and thought provoking principles that reunite its reader to push forward, experience personal growth, while savoring the courage to conquer new victories of triumph and skill.

Although the book could be categorized as another motivational self-help book, the stories and life principles are loaded with noble rich content. Youll read Perrys Power Principles, Gladiators Vs. Spectators, Goals are King, Three Es of Encouragement, Four Gs of Greatness, and Forecasting is Your Acceleration Pedal .

Walking On is full of Living to Give Nuggets, which is centered on the achievement preserver and principle, Leadership Thats Living to Give. In WALKING ON, Perry delivers a powerful roadmap that shares wisdom, deep insight, and proven leadership strategies that will shape the best in yourself or your team. The local buzz is calling the book straightforward, engaging, and incredibly heartfelt. So whether you play sports, sing, work in accounting, human resources, Internet Technologies (IT) or create advertising - Walking On is a tremendous resource for fostering strong relationships, as well as being the fitting conduit for contributing great achievement within our communities.

Perry S. Russo has been inspiring men and women to follow their heartfelt purpose for over a decade. His dynamic career has taken him from PR, Marketing & Sales, as well as successful fundraising for several non-profit organizations. His message believes in the value of people.

Whether he is talking to a group from 7 to 700 he provides the valuable strategies that will improve your personal and professional health. A leadership style that will thrive in the future.

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